Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Alae is the best! I had numbness in my hands and feet coupled with terrible back pain. After going to Chiro4All and getting an adjustment from Dr. Alae I was feeling much better. Dr. Alae is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. I still go to Chiro4All to this day and I highly recommend their services."

- C.N.

"I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel and orthopedic doctor suggested that I go under knife. After visiting Dr. Alae and she adjusted my hand and my spine, I am pain free and I just don't have to spend thousands of dollars in surgery anymore."

- H.H.

"Dr. Alae is the best! I first saw her a few times at a different chiropractic office and then after the holidays when I had my next appointment she was no longer there...I was soooooo disappointed. Dr. Alae is VERY thorough, knowledgeable, and caring. So I went into detective mode and found her!...and we met several times for my treatments and now she has her own new office! I have traveled 45 mins one way, bc of how I appreciate her care! I wish all the best blessings here in the new place. If u need a wonderful chiro, Dr. Alae is it!"

- S.F.

"Very good. Great service. Fair price"

- A.M.

"Dr Alae did a great job in helping me with my severe back pain."

- B.C.

"I have gone to many chiropractors before coming to Dr. Rabiei, and none of them have fully taken the time to understand what is going on with my neck and back the way Dr. Rabiei has. She has been the only chiropractor to tell me exactly what is going on just by examining my body. I almost gave up and accepted that my neck would always give me problems. But she has gotten me on the right track to feeling 100% again. If you aren't sure your chiropractor is listening and understanding what is wrong with you. You should definitely give Dr. Rabiei a try. She also has a remedy for almost any other problems with your body such as sinuses, aches, and bruises. You name it. I highly recommend you give her a call."

- T.B.

"Dr. Alae is knowledgeable, and well skilled chiropractor. Her focus is to maintain patients' health & increase their quality of life. Thanks for the thorough & awesome adjustments!"

- N.N.

"Such a Great Doctor. She was able to get my spine fixed. Thank you Dr Rabiei."

- O.T.

"Since beginning of my care 2 months ago, I am feeling less pain in my lower back, I have more energy and I am more focused. The most significant movement in overall health I have been experiencing is having more hope and be able to move my body more and going up and down the stairs and walk more than I used to be. My immune system is improved as well; I have not had any colds, flu, and sinus issue since I start the care. I am very Thankful for the making me feel good and taking care of me every treatment."

- M.F.

"I love going to chiro4all!! I’ve had issues with my back and neck for the longest time, I’ve been going for less than 2 months and I feel INCREDIBLE! No more pain! Dr.A really does her best to make sure you are comfortable throughout every adjustments! Highly recommend!"

- M.A.

"Dr. Alae is the best! I had numbness in my hands and feet coupled with terrible back pain. After going to Chiro4All and getting an adjustment from Dr. Alae I was feeling much better. Dr. Alae is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. I still go to Chiro4All to this day and I highly recommend their services."

- W.N.

"I have never been so aware of the steps I can take to improve my wellbeing through chiropractic health. It took me a long time to finally seek this type of care due to the many questions I had. Not only are all of my questions answered each, but I have a greater understand and awareness of my body and feel that with each visit I am creating a healthier and vibrant future for myself."

- N.M.

"I'm a student and I suffered from neck and back pain. Sitting for long time and studying and carrying heavy backpack gave me neck and back pain. The condition has greatly improved since I started my treatment there. Dr. Rabiei has gone above and beyond to work with my issues. She is professional! It's easy to make appointment, and the prices are very reasonable. I'm very grateful for her expertise and concern."

- J.N.

"Dr. A provides excellent service. She goes above and beyond to explain the importance of getting chiropractor services, the current state of your body and what you’ll need to do to achieve your personal goals. She does an amazing job making sure you feel comfortable as she is doing your adjustment. She even gives you recommendations on vitamins to take and exercises to do at home. She also has quality equipment to help with any tight spots in your body. Making appointments are fast and easy."

- B.A.

"Mi condition had improved a lot, ever since a started visiting her. The day a met with her she gave the sense of been a trustworthy person."

- M.M.

"She is amazing!!! My first visit with her I could barley walk because I was in so much back pain and now I feel like I can run a marathon. I would recommend that you go see her if you're in any pain."

- A.A.

"Ever since I been to chiro4all my back has been feeling so much better. She is an incredible chiropractor and I’m thankful for her."

- A.B.

"Dr. A is Excellent. I highly recommend her. She is very professional and very friendly. She explained to me all the process and the importance to take care of your body. I feel so good after each adjustment. Great experience!!! 100% recommended."

- M.F.

"My experience has been AMAZING! Quality of CARE is the main focus. Everything is explained in details about the techniques and procedures. I began to feel better after my first visit. I highly recommend Chiro4All because of the wonderful customer service, the attention to detail, and the RESULTS!"

- J.P.

"Dr.A is amazing. I was in a lot of back pain when I first arrived. In a short period of time my back pain has now basically gone away. I would recommend Dr.A to anyone who is having and back pain or neck pain. She is amazing and fantastic at what she does."

- D.E.

"My wife and I love going to see Dr. A. She takes a genuine interest in your life and how she can make it better. Great, impactful adjustments and recommendations on how to make improvements to your daily lifestyle."

- M.S.

"Dr. A is a fantastic chiropractor but also a wonderful caregiver. I have always felt so cared for and listened to in my appointments and continue to feel like I’m being treated above and beyond her call of duty. As one of the few local Webster certified (for pregnancy) chiropractors, I feel so bless
ed to have found her. My pregnancy has been so much more manageable than I expected and I credit a lot of that to Dr. A’s care!"

- E.G.

"I had pain in my leg for 10 years and finally decided to try a chiropractor to see if that would help. I began going to Dr. Alae about a year ago and only 3 days after my first appointment my leg was feeling better. Dr. Alae has made a huge difference for me."

- J.V.

"Before Dr. A I had multiples headaches weekly for over a decade. Now I can count on one hand how many headaches I've had and I am forever grateful."

- S.F.

"I started seeing Dr. A after becoming pregnant and having debilitating hip pain. She is my first chiropractor experience and I was nervous. I told her this and she thoroughly educated and explained everything before adjusting me and giving me the expectations I needed to feel comfortable. I have continued to see her during my pregnancy and have felt better each and every week. I am grateful for her care during my pregnancy."

- A.F.


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